Aster* is a whole-brain design studio specializing in branded identities, website design & development and packaging design. We work closely with our clients to provide smart, creative and strategic design solutions. We believe in simplicity, sincerity, intelligence, grace and generosity and spend our time discovering, thinking, brainstorming, creating, distilling and polishing.

Every client is unique and requires a thoughtful, naive and novel approach. A communication design strategy is delivered in many forms. After dissecting your brand, we take the project to the round table where we build concepts that are scrutinized from every angle to ensure that you are getting the goods from the ground floor. Our overarching goal is to have your brand viewed by as many people as possible, and to sell as much product as your brand can deliver.



“Design is simple, that’s why it’s so complicated”




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Ancient Healing Arts 

The Annex Residents' Association


Canadian Cancer Society 

The Cashmere Shop

Codes Pro Media

The Communications Department

The County Community Foundation 

Culture Capital

David Laws Consulting

Extraordinary Conversations

Eric Sana 

Food For Life

Hirji + White Consulting

Hudson Architecture

James Floyd & Associates

The Jason George Bar & Grill

Know Your Difference

Laura Jane Petelko Photography

Long Point Honey Company

McGrath Group 

Meta Strategies 

Mountain Taxi  

Navigate Salon

Neptis Foundation

Office of the Provincial Advocate for Children & Youth 

Ontario Beekeeper's Association 

Outreach Communications

Paper Label Sleepwear

Pommello Activewear

Post Architecture

Ramp Marketing 

Reliable Corporation

Richelieu Group

The 7 Virtues

SkyWorks Charitable Foundation

StoryBox PR

Summit Medical Management

Susanne Lang Parfumerie 

Sweet Briar Garden Design 

Toyota Canada Inc

Urban Turf

West Coast Immigration Consulting

World View Adoption Association

Women's International Ice Hockey

Yellow Kite Strategy

Your Wow Factor